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We include a complimentary consultation with your dogs first grooming appointment to discuss the healthiest options for your pet. Our spa focuses on health and well-being, so we like to get to know both of you a little, so that we may address any concerns you may have.

Our Salon Menu

Salon & Spa

Salon & Spa

Choose one of our bath products:

(All products are natural using various plants extracts)

Snow White

Including natural clean factors, mild and not stimulate, Show white cleans the sm radically. After using, the hair become softens and bright as snow naturally, and it excluded fluorescent and bleach components.


Recommended for: All hair long, White/light hair color, sensitive skin

Star Sapphire

Nutrition, Apple Extract

It nourishes the hair, supplies the nutrients needed for the hair, prevents dry hair, hair breaks and bifurcation. This is highly recommended for dry and long haird dog, or damaged hair.



Recommended for: Damage/split hair, fluffy hair.


Physical Insect Repellent, Seaweed Extract

With the seaweed extract, it destroy the the wax shell of Fleas & Ticks. It gives the perfect protection to the skin.



Recommended for: All hair long, Anthelmintic.


Colour Enhancer Specific, Walnuts Stain Extract

Including natural plants extracts, walnut nucleolus extracts and carotene. It strengthen hairrobustness and color.


Recommended for: Dark hair, Colored protection & lighten, All hair long.


Sensitive Skin, Hop Extract

Topaz is made of selected mild and herbal ingredients and does not irritate on the eyes. Soothens skin itch.


Recommmended for: Puppy, Elderly, Sensitive skin, Skin itch


Protein Conditioner, Wheat Protein

It contains microelement, vitamin E, Vitamin F and natural moisturizing ingredients that supplies fur skin all the necessary nutrients needed. It leaves the skin soft and smooth.


Recommended for: All long hair, repair damage hair, Nutrition & Moisturizer.

Blue Jade

Ear Cleansing

Hypo-allergy ingredients that helps to minimize irritation, removes wax, dirt and other materials from ear canal (Veterinary formulated)


Veterinary formulated)

Lucky Time

Ingredients: Aloe Extract, Soybean Protein, Green Tea Extract, Eucalyptus oil, Tea Tree Oil

The Gentle, natural scent has aromatherapeutic effects on dog’s emotions, thus providing both serenity and vigor. Lucky time envelops the entire coat in a pleasant, long lasting green floral and musk scent. It leaves the coat with a dry feel and repels fleas and other insects. 


Eau De Toilette

Paw Paw Moisturizing Gel

Ingredients: Aloe Extract, Squalane, Green Tea Extract, Eucalyptus Oil, Orange Oil

When paw pads are dry and rough and paws tissue tends to be hard, it is a moisturizing gel using natural ingredients that soothen the paws. It has deodorizing agent and act as insect repellent.


Paw moisturizer

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Choose one of our spa treathment:

(All products are natural using various plants extracts)

Natural Mud


For Coat and Skin

Ingredients: Sea Mud (from 3 countries), Seaweed Extract, Jojoba Oil, Squalane, Wheat Germ Oil, Soybeen Protein, Vegetable Extracts (Clematis, Watercress, Filipendula, Horsetail, Ivy, Burdock Root, Sage, Saponaria, Lemon Extracts).


Blending of mud ingredients produced in various regions of the world – with sea mud and seaweed extract ingredients, it is designed to maintain healthy skin and coats, and removes the waste from deep inside the pores that can not be washed away with ordinary shampoo. The mud provides a thalassotherapy effect when massaged into the skin and coat, giving a moist and smooth finish.

Hair Mask



Hypo-allergy ingredients to smoothen & untangled fur, repair damaged fur and fast dry. 

Aromatic Bath Salt


For Bathing

Rose Scent

Ingredients: Wild Rose Extract, Dead Sea Salt, Eucalyptus Oil, Hinokitiol (insect repellent)


The botanical extract ingredients clean and moisturize the coat, and the sweet, deeply floral rose scent relieves stress.



Lavender Scent

Ingredients: Lavender Extract, Dead Sea Salt, Eucalyptus Oil, Hinokitiol (insect repellant)


The botanical extract ingredients clean and moisturize the coat, and the sweet, deeply floral lavender quiets the feelings.



Coconut and vanilla Scent

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Dead Sea Salt, Eucalyptus Oil, Hinokitiol (insect repellent)


The botanical extract ingredients clean and moisturize the coat, and the sweet coconut and vanilla scent relaxes the feelings.





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